pp collisions at LHC energies

Looking deep

Fluorescence of acriflavine

Handling oil spills

Dark matter density profile

on Neutrino oscillation parameters

New fluorescence emission band

Variability of Mrk 478

Pyro-photoelectric effect in PS-ML

of graphene oxide

Dufour effect and MHD flow

Sun-earth coupling

of neutrino oscillations

of rhodamine B

Fusion cross section of O+Ni system

Moisture & humidity sensor

Neutrino oscillations

Electronic nose

Eddington's critical thoughts

Evolution of a protoplanetary disk

Breaking point of GR

MSM photodetectors

Graphene based sensors

Of AGN of a Seyfert galaxy

Ageing effect on photosensors

Ammonia detection with PANI

Cosmic expansion

India's COVID curve

Pencil-drawn graphene electrodes

Schottky device sensor

Detecting lead contamination

Scalaron gravity

Mem-behaviour of quantum dots

Periastron shift near Sgr A*

Fractal nanodendrites

Intermittancy in nuclear collisions

In-depth moisture sensor

Dusty plasma simulation

AZO transparent conductor

Neutron transfer in fusion

Firefly oscillator model

Particle detection at LHC

Isotope target