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Ethnomedicinal plants

Fighting COVID-19

Characterisation of rotavirus

Detecting lead contamination

Nitrogen-rich amorphous POP

Mosquitocidal activity

Scalaron gravity

Diseases affecting climbing perch

Vermicomposting of potato crops

Adapting to climate change

Mem-behaviour of quantum dots

Periastron shift near Sgr A*

Fractal nanodendrites

Intermittancy in nuclear collisions

Herbs in oil pollution

Vermicomposted products

Adapting in oil pollution

Fish cell lines

Fish diversity study

Effect of tyrosol

Embryonic development

In-dept moisture sensor

A novel yeast

Essential oil based lervicide

Dusty plasma simulation

Oil exploration & vegetation

Proton RCSA

AZO transparent conductor

Constant pH MD simulation

Neutron transfer in fusion

Herbicide and catfish

Firefly oscillator model

Humidity and drugs

Stereoselective synthesis

Particle detection at LHC

Citrus leaf disease

Isotope target


Sniffing out a virus

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma