Policy for Publication of Research Highlights

General Information

  1. The Research Highlights section of the Gauhati University homepage is for general information to reflect what kinds of research is being carried out in GU.

  2. The publication the Research Highlights is through voluntary submission. It is NOT mandatory to submit your research work to these highlights.

  3. The timeline for announcement of Research Highlights is about two weeks. But it may take more depending on the number of submissions.

  4. Our policy is to have at least few days between subsequent announcements.

  5. The Research Highlights are meant to be new and recent. No past research will be announced. (except in the section Notable Mentions)

  6. The Research Highlights may be from any discipline including science, technology, social sciences, humanities, and languages.

  7. When your Research Highlights are announced, you will receive a notification.

  8. Research Highlights are published in the order they are received. It may so happen that a highlight may take several days (or a week or weeks), if more than one highlights are received on the same day.

  9. It is your responsibility to submit adequate information so that the highlight can be announced. You will receive a reply, if your submission does not meet the criteria (see below) or have inadequate information so that a highlight can not be announced.

  10. DO NOT send us reminder emails or re-submit your submission. If you have any other queries, you can send us a mail at web@gauhati.ac.in. Someone from our side will respond to you.

  11. Submission by only one of the authors (in case of publication with multiple authors) or the author (in case of publication with a single author) will be accepted. The same applies to submission of Patent Information. The submitter should be one of the patentees, who is a faculty member of GU.

  12. In case of publication with multiple authors (OR multiple patentees), a submission will imply that the submission has the consent of all the authors (OR patentees) of the publication.

How do we determine what is to be announced?

  1. Only publications by well known and reputed publishers will be considered for announcement. By well known publishers we mean, journals which are indexed by known international databases such as SCOPUS (by Elsevier), Web of Science, database by Thomson Reuter, journals which are published by well known international academic publishing houses such as OUP, CUP, Springer, Elsevier, MIT Press, Academic Press, World Scientific, Taylor & Francis, Routledge, McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall etc.

  2. For journals in Arts & Humanities, the journal should be indexed either in SCOPUS or in Social Science Citation Index (by Web of Science) or both.

  3. For journals in Science & Technology, the journal should be indexed both in SCOPUS as well as in Web of Science.

  4. The Web Management may seek opinion of experts, if in doubt about the quality of a work.

  5. The publication of Research Highlights is NOT governed by Impact Factor and we also do not publish the Impact Factor of the concerned journal.

  6. Only published or accepted papers, accepted patents, published books, published books chapters will be announced in Research Highlights.

  7. Newspaper articles, articles published in local magazines (which do not have any circulation outside the state) will NOT be announced.

About the Published Highlights

  1. Please NOTE that the title of the highlight will be suitably modified for the general reader as these highlights are for all disciplines.

  2. The published Research Highlights will contain ONLY the informations, which are available publicly at the publisher's website. If you have other information such as your role during preparation of the work or any other relevant information which you would like to make public, you will need to provide an HTML link (or a document) which might contain such informations which are otherwise NOT available in the publisher's website. This can be a document or a website, which you own. We shall publish any such link to your document (or site) along with your highlight.